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What is fascial stretch therapy?

Set your body free

FST is a type of assisted stretching that specifically works on muscle fascia and joints, helping reduce tightness, inflammation and pain. It is a gentle, pain free method to improve your mobility and flexibility. 

Most clients experience dramatic results in three sessions or less!

About Jetta

Jetta King is a Certified FST therapist and personal trainer. Her intuitive touch has helped her clients with body aches and pains, flexibility and range of motion. Many clients come in because of a specific ailment or due to repetitive motion injuries, like those experienced by athletes. 

What clients are saying:

"I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for 15 years.  I have avascular necrosis in both ankles, both hips, lower back and shoulder / neck area.  I walk with an aggressive limp that causes more issues.  I’ve had five treatments from Jetta and have gotten more relief and mobility than I have from most doctors.  I had no idea my body could bend so much without breaking.  Jetta is a walking, modern day miracle.  Thank you Jetta!"

Clark Langwell

The Studio 
at Palm Desert

Jetta King Stretch Queen has partnered with
Bagheera Fitness to provide a warm, welcoming and permanent studio space inside of this boutique gym on Highway 111 in Palm Desert, Calif. 

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